Global pipeline processing and pipeline services market – industry analysis, size, share, growth, trends and forecast shared in new research report

As of 2014, with approximately 3,800,000 kilometres of pipelines used locally and globally, pipelines remain the most economical and practical way to transport large quantities of various kinds of products (such as oil, gas, chemicals and water) from drilling/production sites to the storage terminals and end-users. In order to optimize their performance, pipeline companies take on maintenance and troubleshooting activities known as pipeline processing and pipeline services. Pipeline processing includes activities such as hot tapping, leak detection and metering, pipe freezing, chemical cleaning, controlled bolting, hot oil flushing, and foam inerting among others. Pipeline services include pipeline cleaning and gauging, testing services, filling and flooding, dewatering, nitrogen purging, and vacuum drying. The demand for these two are increasing steadily as current markets like the US, Europe and Middle East (Russia, Ukraine, U.K, Netherlands, Germany and Saudi Arabia), and emerging ones like Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa continue to grow due to pipeline projects that are in the construction and planning phase as well their importance in the expansion and maintenance of existing pipelines. To read the full article, click here


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