From Tough Guys To Tears: The Construction Industry Embraces Safety

Construction workers are viewed as very strong and tough people, who work with dangerous equipment on dangerous work sites, yet under that tough exterior are men and women much like you and I, who have families and friends that would be devastated should safety take a back seat on the job. The old views that safety did not matter, and workers that opted not to take safety precautions is long gone – leading the way today are workers that care about their safety and the welfare of their co-workers.

The construction industry employs about ten million workers across the nation, and with this new growing awareness of the importance of safety, construction site fatalities are down 36% since 2006; which equates to not only thousands of lives saved, but thousands of friends and families who are not mourning the death of someone important in their lives. To read more about how safety is the new ‘macho’ in the workplace, you can click here…

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