Five Ways to Improve Your Employee Hiring Strategy

According to Ann Torry, Vice-President of BirdDogHR (a talent management service in Des Moines, Iowa), the trick to hiring good employees nowadays is to demolish stereotypes about construction contractors and discarding outdated recruitment methods to find the good candidates that one seeks. She suggested five points to consider to improve the recruitment and talent acquisition process.
First is creating some excitement in jobs ads and shifting from the standard job descriptions to focusing on the skills, interest and passion needed in the business. Second is making use of social media (Facebook, Linked, Google+, Twitter) to post your employee needs and appeal to the more technologically-inclined generation. Third, using local employment/community job boards and websites is advantageous because such sites were setup to connect the jobseekers with potential employers. Fourth is building a referral network with the movers and shakers in your locale (career counselors, civic groups, social service agencies, community leaders, elected officials, etc.) and sending each contact a simple recruitment kit with the company‚Äôs profile and candidate requirements to let them know and remember the important details. And lastly, using every available technology to your advantage especially in screening and interviewing as well as in maintaining a positive impression of the company. Click here for the full article…


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