Equipment Telematics Riding On The Leading Edge

Very few industries are untouched by technology, and construction equipment is one of those industries that is very much influenced by technology. Take for example the technology called ‘equipment telematics’ which is the term used for technology that can remotely track information about your equipment that includes safety and efficiency readings. From a management point of view, this technology improves on-site safety, reduces theft and equipment abuse problems, and helps the company to comply with local laws and regulations.

The information is transferred from the site to the main office via satellite or wireless connection called M2M which stands for ‘machine-to-machine’. The technology is actually very simple to explain and involves equipping on-site equipment with wireless-ready modules that can read and transmit information that is important to that particular job site. To read more details about this technology, and how it is improving the functionality of construction job sites, you can click here…

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