Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry Confidence Remains Strong in May

A survey, released in May 2015, conducted by The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation is showing that companies who lease equipment are feeling more confident in the economy, and are moving forward on projects that may have been put on hold. The president of Brandywine Capital Associates, shared in their survey response that they are seeing a strong increase in application volume, which is a good indicator of this confidence. Responses from other executives from the multi-billion dollar equipment sectors show that most feel business will either stay the same, or increase, but none believed that business conditions will get worse.

The survey covered various aspects of business trends including demand, the state of the economy currently and in the future, access to capital to fund equipment acquisitions, demand for leases and loans to fund capital expenditures, hiring new employees and spending on business development activities. Overall, the survey shows positive responses in these categories, and you can click here to read the full report and get exact numbers…

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