Ensuring Pipeline Physical And Cyber Security

Mechanical failures are always a concern when it comes to the network of pipelines, across the U.S. and Canada, that transport oil and natural gas. Another concern is cyberattacks, and while no such attacks have been reported on U.S. soil, there have been attacks in other countries that have resulted in pipeline ruptures and explosions. If it can happen in other countries, it can happen here and those responsible for the oil and gas industry and under prepared.

Cyberattacks are in fact increasing worldwide, and they are being detected, but unfortunately the detection time can be as many as 200 days, and often by that time the damage is done. Officials are not sure what the motivation is behind these attacks, but they say that the information these hackers gather may be used to launch even more dangerous attacks, or possibly are a type of industrial espionage. To find out more about this growing concern in the oil and gas industry, click here…

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