Energy Pipeline: Noble Energy’s outdoor training facility brings industry to community’s fingertips.

Noble Energy in Greely, CO., is changing the way workers get the proper training to skillfully and safely do their jobs with the companies new training center. The center was conceived by Nobel’s now retired vice-president as a way to revolution how workers are trained in this industry – and now, because of the training center, gone are the days of learning-on-the-job which has it’s own slew of problems. Workers can learn job skills through this program that would normally take years with the old on-the-job training approach, but instead become safe, successful and productive operators before they hit the real floor.

The program is a game changer, and all equipment is donated by Nobels vendors and has cutouts showing the inner workings of equipment and thickness of various pipes. To learn more about this new approach to training in the oil and gas industry, you can click here…

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