Electro Scan Announces Strategic Alliance With App Orchid

Water utilities lose up to 20-30% of water due to infrastructure leakage, and sewer utilities can add the same amount to water flow during wet weather causing sewer flooding and back up. Fortunately due to a partnership between Electro Scan Inc., a provider of leak detection instrumentation and cloud applications for the water, sewer, and gas pipeline industries, and App Orchid Inc, manufacturers of cognitive-based solutions that collect and interpret information that is presented in gamified applications, these challenges may not be so daunting in the future.

No longer can industries rely on data collection systems to identify critical resources that use dated resources like information logs, emails, customer service calls, and field inspections, etc. Now with this new alliance and technology, industries can gather this information more intelligently and apply it to real working situations. To read more about this new development, and what it means for the water, sewer, and gas pipeline industries, click here…

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