Effective method to repair natural gas corroded pipelines

Recently, a series of pipeline explosions caused by corrosion has put the pipeline safety, maintenance and repair procedures in the natural gas industry under close scrutiny. With millions of miles of aging natural gas pipelines in the continental US alone, companies are under pressure to take a more proactive stance in identifying areas which are in need of repair, and undertaking necessary remediation or restoration. The good news is, manufacturer Pipe Wrap LLC has come up with a product called A+ Wrap that effectively extends the life of high pressure natural gas pipelines. This repair solution is composed of a two-part putty that activates when mixed together with water, along with a composite wrap. It is a strong composite sleeving system which permanently repairs gouges, cracks and dents near welded areas or along any shapes or configurations including reducers, bends, tees, manifolds or elbows (except for those in longitudinal or girth welds). Even external defects associated with pipes that have been compromised as much as 80 % can be restored to its full-strength condition. It also has smart pig detectability element without the drawback of creating cathodic reactions, and has been identified as an effective alternative to sleeves, welding or complete pipe replacement. Read the full review here

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