Drones Take Flight in Construction

UAS (unmanned aircraft systems)– which are also known as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), quadcopters, or more simply “drones”– may soon become part of the construction industry as new regulations were declared last February and May of this year. The Department of Transportation’s FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) are now allowing the routine use of certain small unmanned aircraft systems, while maintaining flexibility to accommodate future technological innovations and exploring the next steps in unmanned aircraft operations. One of the benefits of using drones on the construction jobsite is it eliminates the need to do costly helicopter fly-overs just to show the project’s progress. Aside from that, drones also have the potential to participate in the actual labor and transportation of materials in the construction process as well as collect important data. But hacking and cybersecurity are some of the threats that need to be considered by companies to safeguard important sensitive data. Click here to read more…


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