Drones On Demand: Company Provides Unmanned Aircraft Pilots

No doubt you have heard of Drones, and all the amazing things they can do, and as far as construction and other heavy industries go, the possibilities are abundant. For example, a drone can monitor a pile of dirt on a construction site, and how much has been removed over a given time period and can watch what sub-contractors are doing and track their work- this lets supervisors off site know how quickly work is being done and if construction is sticking to schedule. Depending on how long a drone may be needed, and considerations concerning the training of drone pilots, investing in a drone may not be practical.

A Company in San Francisco called Skycatch has launched a service called Workmode, which matches companies wanting a drone with qualified pilots who own and operate them and can hire them as needed. Skycatch recently got approval from the FAA to operate drones in construction and agriculture, and they hope to expand to pipeline inspection and search and rescue in the future. You can read more about drones, and this service, by clicking here…

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