Driverless Crash Trucks Aim to Improve Safety in Work Zones

Crash trucks with truck-mounted attenuators have been attributed with saving lives but the workers who drive them are invariably placed in grave danger and just “literally waiting to be struck” said Robert Roy, president of Royal Truck & Equipment Inc. in Coopersburg. In line with this, Royal, the nation’s largest manufacturer of truck-mounted attenuators, is partnering to make driverless crash trucks with Micro Systems Inc. of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, which supplies unmanned vehicles to the military and developed the technology. Royal demonstrated its new driverless crash trucks in a bid to reduce risk on driver’s lives in such dangerous situations, and to save on labor costs. By the end of the year, two of the autonomous vehicles will make their debut at highway construction sites in Florida under a state Department of Transportation demonstration program. Royal said the terms of the agreement with Florida’s transportation department are still being negotiated.

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