Debate intensifies over the nation’s gas pipeline needs

A report by Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) claimed that current and planned natural gas infrastructure can manage the increased demand created by the federal Clean Power Plan, which also results in a decrease on the reliance on coal power.

But according to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the nation will increase its reliance on cheap natural gas for electricity and therefore will need more pipeline and power generation capacity. This will aggravate the problems and the nation’s grid reliability will suffer as well when the federal government’s proposal of reducing carbon emission at existing plants will be implemented this August.

Ed Hirs, a professor of energy economics at the University of Houston believes that there is a need for pipeline expansion to encourage the building of more power plants. The building of the pipelines will address the growing retirement of coal and nuclear plants. Then utilities can begin construction of more gas-fired power plants with confidence that steady supply is assured. Read more about it here


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