Court Affirm Jobsite Safety Trumps Drug Legality

There has been a lot in the news regarding the legalization of marijuana and now residents of twenty-three states and the District of Columbia can use marijuana medicinally, and in Colorado and Washington residents can legally enjoy recreational use of the drug. With such overwhelming change to how marijuana is being legally handled, there have been concerns in regards to work-place safety. How should employees that have a medical marijuana card be treated in respects to drug and alcohol policies? The Colorado Supreme Court just ruled that pot-smoking employees can be fired, even if they live in a state where pot use is legal.

The deciding factor of this ruling is that marijuana is still illegal under federal law and contributes to impaired judgment and negative social impacts. Construction employers are happy with the courts ruling experiencing first hand the horrible accidents that can happen if a roof-top worker, heavy machine operator or any employee is impaired on the job site. Click here to read more of marijuana and how it effects work site safety…

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