Contractors Share 6 Considerations For Designing and Constructing Large-Diameter Urban Pipelines

Contractors often complain about the hassle of bringing in and out large construction materials. Freese and Nichols gathered experienced contractors and observed 6 challenges and found ways to address them. These are trucking, traffic control planning, working room, depth, existing utilities and overhead obstructions.
Moving construction materials such as large pipelines can be very difficult. They require filling and embedding. Access to the construction site is very important as the project’s cost and schedule depend on it. Recycling and the use of native materials can help mobility a lot.
Communications and coordination reduces rescheduling issues. Plan detours and street closure to speed up overall construction and traffic. Excavation depths may be reduced to increase workroom and lessen wastage of imported materials. Utilities must be identified in the work site to lessen risks and costs.
Overlooking overhead constructions (such as power and signalized intersection) may prove a safety hazard and cause delay on project completion. The lack of the proper equipment is a safety concern but working closely with contractors makes it easier to overcome these challenges and contributes to a project’s timely and cost efficient completion. For the full article, click here


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