Construction Workers Safety Must Not Be An After Thought

Construction workers account for a majority of work-related fatalities, sickness, workers’ compensation claims, and claims requiring one or more weeks off work. Research has shown that decisions made by key personnel early in the life of a construction project can greatly reduce these incidences. Data was collected from 228 interviews conducted from 23 construction projects in Australia, New Zealand, and USA, and the interviews explored the way project decisions were made.

It was found that when the contractors and sub-contractors were included in pre-construction project and safety decisions, more effective safety controls were implemented. While this seems obvious, the problem is in the way construction is done – often the various stages of construction are implemented by various sub-contractors, at various time intervals. This causes a problem in communication as these sub-contractors my not be available when key decisions are made. To read more regarding the importance of who makes key decisions and when they make them in terms of construction worker safety, read more here…

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