Construction Work Accidents- Where Do the Risks Lie?

Every year in the UK, the HSE releases detailed statistics on the number of injuries and accidents that have been reported and how they have been caused. Key figures from 2012/2013 reveal that the number of accidents and injuries within the construction industry have continued to fall. Fatal accidents totaled 39 that year compared to an average of 53 over the previous five years, major injuries are more common with 1913 being reported to employers while the average number of reported cases over the previous five years was 2815, and 3133 cases of seven-day injuries were reported that year compared to an average of 5986 from the past five years. The decline is thanks to more stringent health and safety precautions being taken by employers to comply with the law. However, the construction industry still holds the highest percentage (26%) of all fatal injuries across all sectors included; which shows that there is still a fair amount of work to be done to further reduce the number of fatal accidents and bring this percentage down. To read the full article, click here…


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