Construction Expected to Grow According to FMI’s Q2 Construction Outlook

The growth in the first quarter of 2015 that the construction industry has been experiencing is going to continue into the second quarter says a report by investment bankers at FMI Corp. The outlook for the second quarter is a growth of 5 percent, and while that is still lower then anticipated last quarter, it is the highest total for construction since 2008. The report covered 17 construction sectors across residential, non-residential and non-building groups.

The strongest growth predicted is in the manufacturing sector which seems to be fueled by the increase in construction activity that began last year, and the least growth is expected in the power sector with many variables in play from changing fuel supplies and alternative energy sources. To read the complete breakdown of the 17 sectors, and to read how each one will be effected in the second quarter, you can click here…

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