Construction Company Shares Secrets Of Safety Success

When you work with Western Construction Company, one of the first things you will realize is that safety is the top priority and if you want to keep working for this ultra-safe company, you need to be prepared to do things the correct way. Western Construction Company has a recordable safety rate that is far below the industry average and if you ask Safety Director, Eric Olsen, he will tell you the secret includes a commitment to safety, diligence, and consistently applied and adhered to best practices. The achievement of these safety numbers is impressive with 900 employees putting in 1.9 million hours of work per year.

In an attempt to get their safety numbers even lower, Western Construction found that a large number of accidents are new-employee related, and so by launching a new-employee accident reduction plan, the company more-then-likely will achieve those desired numbers. To read more details about this companies safety plan, you can click here…

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