Caterpillar and Modustri to Collaborate on Equipment Monitoring Technology

With a desire to offer it’s customers even more service, Caterpillar Inc. has partnered with Modustri, a provider of service and measurement technologies for use in the field, to develop technologies that will help companies optimize their fleets and equipment, ultimately saving the customer hundreds of hours and millions of dollars in the long run. With these new innovations customers will be able to track in real-time, and from the field, information that will help manage and maintain equipment replacement and reduce expensive down-time.

In the next few months, the two companies will be working together to create web-based and mobile platforms for the monitoring and maintenance of their parts and components, and this technology will even work with other suppliers. Caterpillar Inc. and Modustri feel this new development will keep them on the forefront of the heavy equipment industry. To read more regarding this partnership, and how it will benefit customers you can click here…

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