CALLAHEAD’s Ground-Breaking Portable Toilet Ascends New York’s Construction Sites to Keep Workers and the Public Safe

Earlier this month, CALLAHEAD, announced it’s latest product – the Safety Head portable toilet. The unique porta-potty has a focus on safety with the bright orange exterior along with the strategically placed white, red, and yellow reflectors. CALLAHEAD has been equipping construction sites with quality porta-potty solutions since 1976, and the Safety Head is a sample of another product that is easy to transport, convenient to place, and takes safety seriously into consideration.

The bright orange color of the Safety Head is idea for construction sites along high traffic sites, dark environments, and in tunnels. The porta-potty can be positioned easily with a crane and has a 70 gallon tank that will maintain between cleanings. The interior is roomy with a full size toilet seat and thoughtfully placed urinal. To read more about this product as well as CALLAHEAD the company, you can click here…

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