Cable Detection, Cable Location & Cable Avoidance Tools (CAT’s)

Underground cable works and repairs can be very tedious and risky. Even with the most experienced cable locators will sometimes miss and hit other cables, which can happen if the cable is emitting a poor signal. Signal transition may vary from location, and locators have to constantly watch for the sensitivity. A simple miss of calculation or adjustment may cause some cables to be damaged. The risks may involve electrocution, flooding, burns from explosion and sometimes property damages that result to onerous payments. To avoid such inconveniences, cable locators use the CAT, or the Cable Avoidance Tools which is designed to reduce human error in cable locating. The CAT or Cable Avoidance tool warns users that there are cables beneath the ground prior to excavating or unearthing, which will help avoid cuts on wires that may lead to explosion and electrocution. Cable Detection EziCAT model is an advance tool brand that has full sensitivity mode replacing old manual controls, improving the health and safety of workers by reducing underground cable strikes which may lead to accidents. Read more about this advanced tool here

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