Building the Next Generation of Safety-Related Reinforced Concrete Structures for Nuclear Power Plants

Twenty percent of the electric power produced in the USA comes from nuclear power plants, and one of the challenges to build and maintain the 100 operating units required to meet this production is to create reinforced concrete nuclear power plant structures that are time and cost effective to build while maintaining a high level of safety. A program being funded by The Department of Energy (DOE), and presented by professor Yahya Kurama, will help this challenge as the program will explore over three years and $800,000, high-strength concrete and steel rebar.

The work will be preformed by graduate, undergraduate students and research associates at Notre Dame which will include tasks such as design optimization and analysis, construction, and large-scale testing. The information gathered will be used to design the next-generation safety-related nuclear power plants. To read more about this research, you can click here…

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