Building Safety Month Week One: Don’t Get Burned – Build To Code

The need for safe and sustainable homes and structures where we live, work, and play are important factors for every community. May is Building Safety Month, and this public awareness campaign is presented by the International Code Council and it’s members of building professionals worldwide. This year’s theme is Resilient Communities Start with Building Codes, and each week a different topic is covered. For week one it was “Don’t Get Burned – Build To Code”, which focuses on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, sprinklers, and passive fire-rated construction practices, as well as creating escape planes and avoiding careless smoking habits.

Building codes are based on science, technical knowledge and past experiences that provide buildings protection from man-made and natural disasters, they guard public health, and they reduce property losses. Building codes have been protecting communities for literally thousands of years with the earliest code dating back to circa 2200 B.C. To read more about Building Safety Month, and the various aspects of safety codes covered, please click here…

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