Are Michigan’s Pristine Lakes At Risk From Aging Pipelines?

Aging pipelines that carry crude oil and natural gas across the USA are becoming a concern for Scientists and Environmentalists who say the older pipelines are prime candidates for oil leaks and spills. Of growing concern is in Michigan along the Great Lakes’ Straits of Mackinac where two sixty year old and aging pipelines, owned by Enbridge Energy, carry 20 million gallons of crude oil and natural gas a day – 90% of America’s freshwater flows through Mackinac and to say a spill would be an environmental and economic disaster would be an understatement.

Spokesperson for Enbridge Energy, Jason Manshum, says the pipes are in great shape and are constantly monitored at remote locations with divers physically examining the pipes every two years. Residents and professionals alike are not trusting the company, and while most feel Enbridge is trying diligently to remain on top of conditions, there is little or no trust between corporation and community. To read more you can click here…

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