All You Need To Know About Tesla’s Big Battery Announcement

Exciting news came from Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, CA, where two products were revealed that Tesla executives say will allow people, not surprisingly, to live completely off the grid. The products are part of a new storage business called Tesla Energy and consist of a home battery and a grid battery. The first product is called the PowerWall and is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for the home that comes in two sizes: one for back up applications and the other for daily cycling application and prices range from $3000 to $3,500 which includes installation.

The second product is called the PowerPack that can be stacked to scale up to a gigawatt-class system, and while not as much information was available about this product, production is expected sometime during 2016. Telsa is growing rapidly with many partnerships including SolarEdge and Green Mountain Power, as well as Amazon’s Web Services, Target and Southern California Edison. To read more about these new products and Tesla’s current partnerships, you can click here…

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