Agricultural Lands & The Building Of The Constitution Pipeline

The 124 mile Constitution Pipeline, being construction from Northern Pennsylvania to major northeastern markets, will cross farmers and landowners properties and many people will be effected – what can these people expect from the experience? First off, any expenses are paid for by the Constitution Pipeline project and landowners are encouraged to participate from start to finish, with the first opportunity being with the survey – landowners know the property that will be effected and can often offer helpful insight. Other considerations will be right-of-way agreements where the landowner will give a permanent easement in exchange for financial compensation, relocating and restoration of drainage and irrigation systems, topsoil preservation, and complete restoration of the land.

The goal is to make this beneficial for the landowner and so careful consideration is given to each landowner and farmers situation with site plan adjustments being made to accommodate these needs. Environmental inspectors will ensure that the restoration of topsoil is to it’s original condition, and they will also inspect the first and second growing seasons crops confirming that these crops yields are similar to the farmers undisturbed crops and land. To read more about how agricultural lands are effected by pipeline construction, and to understand how landowners are compensated, you can click here…

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