Advantages of Natural Gas Pipeline

With the growing demand for cleaner and more sustainable options in today‚Äôs increasingly environmentally-conscious world, the need for natural gas has also continued to rise. And because of the fact that natural gas is widely available and burns cleaner than coal, we currently get 25 percent of our electricity from this resource. That number is steadily increasing because of the positive impact natural gas is having on the economy and environment: burning natural gas produces lower levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide compared to coal and does not produce ash and other particulates (according to the Environmental Protection Agency). In mid-September, Atlantic Coast Pipeline will commence construction on a 550-mile natural gas pipeline spanning across three states which will enable 50 to 60-year-old coal plants to be retired. The Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, has shown his support for the project since the coal plants will be replaced with a safer and more efficient energy source with fewer emissions as an environmental benefit. Click here for the full article…


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