ActiveHead Saving Money: Piercing Tool Care without Going in the Hole

Southeast Connections (SEC) in Conyers is a pipeline, facilities and HDD/boring construction contractor which provides services to the natural gas industries. Its warehouse and service manager, Shannon Mulkey, was looking for the best equipment maintenance plans for their serviceable earth-piercing tools. They had two options: contracting a service company or doing it in-house. Since their objective was to have a performing in-house service and make repairs immediately on earth tools to save cost and promote routine maintenance to extend tool life, maintain peak performance, and increase overall productivity, they decided to undergo training with their dealer, Ditch Witch of Forest Park. There they saw the complexity of in-house service (especially the need to invest on expensive specialized tools and machineries), and were able to observe a technician who dismantled, repaired, cleaned and assembled back a tool within 20 minutes. They also found out that piercing tools have three designs: the disposable, the repaired and rebuilt, and one that can be repaired by an operator in the field. They opted for the third design that matched the one used by the technician, the HammerHead Mole. They went under training with Chris Alexander (US sales manager of HammerHead), and have been using it for 3 years given that they now have in-house trainings, increased utilization rates, and 35 % savings on maintenance cost. To read the full article, click here

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