A new generation of leak-detection systems for pipelines based on acoustic technology

Leaks in the pipelines have always been a problem due to the implied risks and costs associated with it. The said risks can include risk to the equipment, the safety of the personnel, environmental contamination, losses in production, cleanup, medical expenses and even lawsuits. Indeed, even the smallest leaks have the potential to turn into an expensive and dangerous event if not detected and repaired in time. This becomes more critical with hazardous fluids that pose risk to life and the environment. Asel-Tech, a leading manufacturer of leak-detection systems since 2003, introduced the new system on acoustic leak-detection technology. The company applied the acoustic or sonic methodology based on the identification of hydraulic transients created by a pipeline wall rupture at the onset of the leak. With the traditional Sonic Leak-detection System (SLDS) that Asel-Tech offers, the acoustic sensors are installed at strategic points along the pipeline to read the dynamic signals used to identify leaks.

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