5 Construction Industry Firms Score FAA Exemptions For Drones

Commercial companies are waiting for the FAA to rule on regulations and laws concerning the commercial use of Drones – currently only hobbyist are allowed to fly the unmanned aircraft. There are, however; companies that are getting FAA exemptions and Danis Building Construction Co., is the most recent company to win such an exemption. The company plans on using drones to show clients what potential views will be like, photographs of future buildings, as well as inspect damaged buildings when it would be unsafe to send in a crew.

Companies are expecting the FAA to have it’s full rules and regulations for the commercial use of drones in about two years, but in the meantime commercial companies can apply for an exemption and currently the FAA is giving out approximately twenty exemptions a week. To read more about drones and the FAA giving exemptions for commercial use, you can click here…

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