Small Leaks Matter

Water loss management is an important issue that North America is taking seriously. And as part of an effective water loss management strategy, finding small leaks is vital. Current directives on leak detection programs focus on saving the most water and locating and repairing large leaks over small leaks. But in terms of Non-Revenue Water, locating small leaks has greater beneficial effects especially in relation to water loss and pipeline safety condition. One advantage is that it prevents decades of water loss that occur over time as the leak grows. Another advantage is that finding the cracks early preserves the condition of the pipes and prevents bell-split (the crack that forms at the bell end of a pipe which eventually results in the pipe bell breaking off or the pipe splitting lengthwise). Though the detection of large leaks is critical, the use of technological advancements in locating small leaks can actually prevent the large leaks from happening. South Korean bulk water supplier K-water has displayed much success in the use of advanced inline leak detection, and has demonstrated its advantages in pipeline safety network management. To read the full article, click here


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