4 Things You Should Know About Product Recalls

Recalls have become big news in the last few years from food products to automobiles, and for those in the manufacturing industries, a recall can do serious damage to a companies reputation, income and can even destroy a business. As a result of the increasing incidences of recalls, manufacturing companies can expect between Legislators, NHSTA and the Food and Drug Administration, an increase in the scrutiny from these government organizations. Automakers in particular should prepare for an increase in penalties, an elimination of regional recalls and making all recalls national, and whistleblowers will now be able to collect a portion of the fines collected.

Manufacturing companies should not take their reporting requirements lightly, as any failure to report not just recalls, but potential safety hazards will result in multimillion penalties. Companies need to understand what kind of recall they are doing, and the best way to implement it to ensure meeting all government requirements and to maintain public opinion of the company. To read more about the impact of recalls on a company, and what can be done about it, click here…

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