State Probing PG&E Safety Program After Concerns Raised About Potential Explosions

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is in hot water with the state after a member of Congress learned of deficiencies in its safety program. These deficiencies relate to the issue of cross bores, which happen when a natural gas line pierces a utility line, usually a sewer line, and because there is no trench that is dug during that particular installation, the cross bore goes undetected. These cross bores become dangerous when the gas pipe become damaged, causing a gas leak, when the sewer line, for whatever reason, needs maintenance. The sewer line acts as a vent, allowing the gas that is leaking in the cross bore, to enter the home or building, and any spark – even turning on a light switch – will cause an explosion.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co’s., program to detect and fix cross bores is being investigated because a company whistle-blower revealed to the congress member that the work was sometimes done by unqualified personnel, and test results were falsified, or addresses that were scheduled for inspection were not inspected without sufficient reason. PG&E is already facing criminal charges for the San Brunu pipeline explosion in 2010, and you can read the complete report by clicking here…

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