10 Years Later: BP Texas City And The Inevitable Cost Of An Incident

In March of 2005, an explosion took 15 lives, and caused 180 injuries at the Texas City refinery run by BP. Investigations pointed to malfunctioning and deteriorating equipment, poorly trained workers and cuts in operating budgets. This particular incident was not an isolated case, with the refinery having 23 deaths in the last 30 years, as well as similar malfunctions in the same equipment in the past resulting in no investigations.

It is not like BP did not have some kind of safety program in place, but the focus was on employee behaviors like wearing safety glasses and being mindful of leaving trip hazards, but there was little focus on process safety systems and activities. Analyzing all the information available regarding this blast tells us that production was put ahead of personal safety, and in fact, in order to make this refinery safe would require shutting down the plant for an extended period which of course would have been hard to accommodate at many levels. To read the detailed article by PlanetEngineering.com regarding this incident, please click here…

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